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  • With the White House working on several initiatives to increase price transparency in the healthc... May 24 Trump anticipated to issue an executive order mandating greater drug price transparency

    Executive order on healthcare price transparency; Progress stalled in drug pricing talks; Cabinet secretaries told to seek repayment from migrants’ sponsors for use of services; U.S. proposes penalties on countries it accuses of manipulating currencies; Durable goods orders slump in April. 

  • DC Events

    Professor Ticona Jul12  Inequality in the Gig Economy - Who is left out of the “Future of Work”? 1:00pm - 2:30pm
    Location: TBD

    Companies like Uber have garnered a lot of attention for their disruptive technology, but other gig economy companies, like those offering care and domestic cleaning services, have mostly stayed under the radar. This seminar will interrogate these gaps in attention, exploring historical changes in how different types of labor are valued, especially that of women and people of color, and the role of technology in shaping these changes. Professor Julia Ticona , Ph.D., will present new research that examines the similarities and differences in the ways technology is deployed to manage workers in different sectors of the gig economy, and the ways this shapes workers’ experiences.

  •    Penn Wharton PPI Faculty Affiliate, Professor Barbara E. Kahn                   May 24 Is Amazon Getting Too Big?

    Wharton Professor Barbara Kahn provides a multifaceted breakdown of Amazon’s current financial success. She highlights elements such as its multi-sector ubiquity, apparent transparency, and discreet focus on data operations. 

  • The Trump Administration is expected to announce today a generous bailout package for farmers suf... May 23 The Trump administration announces a generous bailout program for suffering farmers

    Trump can’t work with Democrats “under these circumstances”; Disaster deal talks stall; Political crackdown on Agriculture Department economists; Trump Administration announcing farm sector bailout; U.S. jobless claims fall more than expected; U.S. new home sales drops from near 11-1/2-year high in April.

  • Penn Wharton PPI Faculty Affiliate, Professor Kevin Werbach May 22 The Promise and Pitfalls of 5G: Will It Kill Cable?

    Wharton Professor Kevin Werbach joins other scholars in a discussion on 5G technology and whether or not it will fulfill its purported promises. Considerations such as its implications on productivity, innovation, and rural reach all make a review of the new wireless technology a rich and fascinating subject.

  • Associate Professor of Management, Professor Minyuan Zhao May 22 Expert says root of US-China trade dispute lies in domestic politics

    Wharton Professor Minyuan Zhao comments on the ensuing “trade war” and argues that the core issue is one of domestic politics. Zhao reasons that the underlying motivating mechanisms driving the conflict is one centered around Trump’s re-election interests amongst other things.