Student Association

Meet the Public Policy Initiative Student Group (PPI Student Group). Comprised of students from across Penn, members of PPI Student Group work on research teams to publish articles on policy issues at the intersection of economics, business, and public policy. Read their research on the Wonk Tank blog.

Energy, Environment, and Infrastructure Policy

  • Joe Kiernan
    Director of Energy, Env., and Infrastructure

    Joe is a junior in the College studying Diplomatic History and Political Economy. As Director of Energy, Environment, and Infrastructure Policy, he is particularly interested in international development, energy policy, and infrastructure.

  • Nad Kilani

    Coming from Alberta, the center of the Canadian oil sands, Nad Kilani, who is a freshman at Wharton, has a developed interest in energy policy.

Economic Policy

  • Nile Nwogu
    Director of Economic Policy

    As the Director of Economic Policy, Nile plans to have the team explore topics including corporate inversions, tax reform, entitlement spending, foreign investment, and regulation in various markets. 

  • Stephanie Aliaga

    Stephanie Aliaga is a sophomore in the Wharton School from Irvine, California and serves as the Executive Vice President for PPISG. She is particularly interested in economic policy, trade policy, and emerging markets.

  • Zuo Min (James) Goh
    Deputy, Strategic Marketing

    James is the Deputy Director of Strategic Marketing, managing Wonk Tank and its social media, as well as developing its public policy research journal. He is also passionate about development economics.

  • Barry Plunkett
    Deputy Director of Economic Policy

    Serving as Deputy Director of Economic Policy, Barry is excited to learn more about corporate tax reform, income inequality, and financial regulation. 

  • Adarsh Battu

    Adarsh is a sophomore in the Wharton School originally from the Bay Area in California. His focus on Wonk Tank will be monetary policy since he is fascinated by how monetary policy not only involves management of the money supply but also manipulating peoples’ expectations and perceptions.

  • William Lee
    Deputy Director of Internal
    C’ 19

    William is a sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences studying Mathematical Economics. His academic interests involve international development and economic history.

  • Shane Murphy
    President, Public Policy Initiative Student Group

    Shane is a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences studying Economics and Public Policy, hoping to work in the public policy field in some capacity upon graduation. 

  • Kamelia Stavreva

    Kamelia is a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences studying Mathematical Economics and minoring in Political Science, hoping to go to graduate school for Economics and after work in the international policy sphere. Kamelia hopes to integrate her love for politics and policy with her passion for economics through her time writing for Wonk Tank. 

Trade and Foreign Policy

Science and Technology Policy

Health, Education, and Welfare

  • Jessica Zuo
    Deputy Director of Health, Education and Welfare

    Jessica is a sophomore in the College from Malvern, Pennsylvania. She currently serves as the deputy for the Health, Education and Welfare branch of Wharton Public Policy Student Initiative.