Public policy is an interdisciplinary field; consequently, the PPRS curriculum draws on courses, methodologies, and faculty expertise from fields across all four Penn undergraduate schools. 

Through their PPRS courses, students gain a broad introduction to the policymaking process and the economic analysis of policy, while also acquiring some depth of knowledge in a chosen public policy “track”. The curriculum culminates with a senior year capstone course, in which students deploy all they have learned in the analysis of a real-life policy question.

Explore the curricular requirements and course options for PPRS students, and view sample schedules showing how students can integrate the program with a variety of majors in different Penn schools.

Get to Know the Public Policy Research Scholars

  • Megha Agarwal

    In my opinion, business and public policy are the two things that truly affect every single person in the world, regardless of whether they want to admit it or not. Being able to critically analyze how the two relate and how the two differ can be nothing but beneficial.

  • Christian A Butts

    I want to be able to understand the issues that America faces and how I can apply what I am learning to make a positive impact.

  • Sean Egan

    “I have gained an understanding of how the research process works. I have also learned to think of monetary policy as far reaching and much more complex than most of the public believes.”

  • Radhika Gupta
    W’19, C’19

    “Business men and women are needed,” Radhika states, “who can not only understand the science behind emerging technologies, but can also convey the significance and purpose of these innovations to the general public.”