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  • October 21 Giving Purpose to and Instilling Confidence in Washington Politics

    The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee was established in 1816 under James Madison’s presidency. During this time, the government recognized a need for better oversight into how taxpayers’ dollars were being spent. Thus, the Oversight Committee was born. However, as the role of our government changed, the Committee adopted a reform component, and by the mid-1900s was charged with overseeing government operations to assess their economy and efficiency.

  • Events

    Oct25  Forecasting the 2016 Election: New Data and New Insights from Market Research 4:30pm
    Location: Steinberg-Dietrich Hall, Room 107
    Join Penn Wharton PPI and the Undergraduate Statistics Society for a talk by David Rothschild, an economist at Microsoft Research, about using new data sources and market research to forecast the election.
  • October 20 Reviewing EPA Regulations

    Executive Order 13563 requires that all federal agencies develop plans for reviewing existing regulations to determine whether any should be modified, streamlined, expanded, or repealed. The Order calls not for a single exercise, but for the “periodic review of existing significant regulations”. [1]

  • October 20 Philly Can Lead Efforts To Build Retirement Security

    In an article co-written by Faculty Affiliate Olivia S. Mitchell, Philadelphia is spotlighted as one of three major cities that that is designing solutions to help our workforce save more and retire more comfortably in a new local approach. 

  • October 20 Why is Mobility Declining Among the Poor?

    According to Faculty Affiliate Joseph Gyourko, a major reason is the growth of exclusionary zoning in many major cities, which makes it difficult or impossible to build housing in response to demand. He estimates that this increases housing price listings by as much as 50% in urban markets over a decade. This often prices out the poor and lower-middle class, shutting them out from job opportunities.

  • October 20 Hurricane Matthew Increases Jobless Claims, Home Sales Reach 4-Year Peak

    Initial jobless claims pushed up as Hurricane Matthew temporarily impacted labor market conditions on the East Coast; Existing home sales rose to 4-yr high in September, propelled by first-time buyers representing 34% of the market; Philly Fed’s Business Outlook Survey demonstrated strength in October following two months of expansion; Chinese economic growth held steady as loose liquidity and heavy government stimulus fueled a housing boom and commodity stockpiling.


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