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  • August 23 Mutual Funds Can’t Run From The Fed

    Could the reactions of mutual-fund investors to Federal Reserve policy lead to turmoil in the bond market?

    “I certainly agree that the way the mutual-fund industry is organized it is susceptible to runs,” says Faculty Affiliate Itay Goldstein, whose opinions are supported by a new working paper on the topic. 

  • August 22 Prince’s Killer Drug Plays Role in National Crisis

    The United States has a drug abuse problem and it is not with Nancy Reagan’s marijuana or Keith Richards’s cocaine.[1] The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), who released a new report discussing the issue, is just the latest high profile organization to sound the alarm on the country’s new enemy number one in the War on Drugs.[2]

  • August 22 Federal Reserve Recognizes Slow Recovery, Concerned For US Economy

    Federal Reserve Vice Chairman Stanley Fischer raised concerns about the U.S. economy’s longer-term prospects; U.S. Federal Reserve officials reluctantly accept slow post-finanical-crisis recovery.

  • August 19 Why We Need to Prioritize Child Care

    Affordable, high-quality child care is not only crucial for children’s development, but it enables parents to work and support their families while giving them the peace of mind that their children are in safe environments. Unfortunately, this summer the House and Senate approved Labor, Health and Human Services appropriations bills for FY17 that include some very bad news for working families in need of child care assistance.

  • August 19 Not an EM-ergency

    Following the surprising UK referendum result to exit the EU, emerging market (EM) risk assets fell sharply, with benchmark equity and currency indices weakening as much as 8.3% and 2.4%, respectively, over two trading sessions. Nonetheless, EM assets displayed a remarkable turnaround one week after the referendum, and in aggregate, retraced over half their losses.

  • August 18 Fed Minutes Indicate Rate Hike in September, Falling Jobless Claims

    Federal Reserve Minutes from July Meeting Indicate Possibility of Rate Increase in September; Obama to visit China, Laos in September in ‘rebalancing’ effort; U.S. Jobless Claims Fall by 4,000 to 262,000. 


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