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  • John Paul MacDuffie July 13 Long Road Ahead: The Promise — and Perils — of Self-driving Cars

    In light of the proliferation of automated driving technology, Faculty Affiliate John Paul MacDuffie looks at the major issues with this movement. He notes that despite the hype suggesting that autonomous vehicles will arrive within a couple of years, full autonomy for all vehicles is many decades away and argues that “diffusion will be erratic — moving fast at times, slowed up by unexpected constraints at other times. But we’ll feel like [autonomous vehicles] are part of our lives, at least partially, within the next five to 10 years.”

  • Penn Wharton PPI Faculty Affiliate, Professor Olivia S. Mitchell July 13 The hard economics of the High Court’s Janus decision

    In light of Janus v. AFSCME, where the Supreme Court ruled that government workers who choose not to join a union cannot be forced to pay for the cost of collective bargaining, state governments are analyzing its impact on unions and pension funds. Faculty affiliate Olivia Mitchell’s research was cited for her findings that indicated unionized public employees’ pension plans were less likely to be fully funded. 

  • http://thehill.com/policy/finance/396879-despite-trump-efforts-us-trade-deficit-with-china-hits-record-reuters July 13 US-China trade deficit increases in the month of June

    Metrics reveal that the US’ trade deficit with China has actually increased; Consumer sentiment fell to 97.1, a six month low, below estimates of 98.2 this past month; US import prices fell unexpectedly in the month of June; Prices for consumers rose rapidly last month. 

  • Penn Wharton PPI Faculty Affiliate, Professor Robert P. Inman July 13 Bigger Than Potholes: Why Fixing America’s Infrastructure Should Be a Priority

    In a discussion on the aging infrastructure of America, Faculty Affiliate Robert Inman argues that government officials across federal, state, and local agencies must take an active role in rebuilding and improving these resources and make these projects a priority. 

  • Penn Wharton PPI Faculty Affiliate, Professor Peter Cappelli July 13 These 8 fast food chains are under investigation for their hiring practices

    In a class action against 8 fast food chains that are allegedly practicing “no poaching” terms in their employee contracts, Faculty Affiliate Peter Cappelli is quoted for his statements indicating that these agreements break anti-trust and employment law because “[c]ompanies could achieve the same results by making it attractive enough for employees not to leave.”

  •  China on Thursday said foreign firms operating in China would suffer in a trade war, urging U.S. companies to lobby ... July 12 Beijing urges US firms with interests in China to lobby against Trade War

    Shahira Knight, a top White House economic adviser, is to become the President’s next emissary to Capitol Hill; Beijing urges US firms operating in China to lobby against Trade War; The Initial jobless claims index sank in the first week of July toward the lowest levels in almost 50 years; Consumer prices rose in June at the highest yearly rate since 2012.