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    Apr27  Public Policy Research Scholars Information Session 3:00pm
    Location: Steinberg-Dietrich Hall, Room 1020
    Are you interested in business, economics, and public policy but aren’t sure how to integrate the public policy piece into your studies at Penn?
  • April 26 Trump Administration To Unveil Tax Plan, Protective Policies for US Industries

    President Donald Trump is set to unveil his proposal for comprehensive tax overhaul on Wednesday; Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said the Trump administration is considering launching trade actions to protect the U.S. aluminum, semiconductor, and shipbuilding industries; U.S. crude oil inventories decreased by 3.6 million barrels last week as total crude reserves stood at 528.7 million barrels. 

  • April 25 Trump Calls For Cuts To Corporate Tax Rate

    Democrats introduce bill to create climate change bond program; U.S. home-price growth increases at fastest rate in nearly three years; New home sales rise to 8-month high; U.S. consumer falls according to Conference Board Index, yet confidence still remains high.

  • April 24 The Politics Behind H1-B Visas

    “Despite what you might hear from political pundits these days, the H1-B program isn’t about immigration. It’s about temporary workers, and a new study finds that bringing in foreign workers slows down the process through which the U.S. labor market adjusts to new demands.”

    Faculty Affiliate Peter Cappelli writes on the politics behind the skilled immigration visas so hotly debated: “smart-thinking pundits like to point out how government intervention distorts markets, preventing the adjustments that are necessary. Isn’t that true here?”

  • April 24 Congress Attempts To Pass Spending Bill Pre-Shutdown

    President Trump’s nominee to lead the Department of Justice’s antitrust division, Makan Delrahim, is heading before a Senate panel; Mortgage rates dropped below 4% for the first time since November, providing more kindling to an already hot housing market as the crucial spring selling season gets under way; Emerging-market companies are bringing on U.S. dollar debt and that could become a source of trouble in some parts of the world if growth slows.

  • April 24 Not A Fair Fight: An Evaluation of the Impact of Charter Schools

    In American public discourse, charter schools remain a highly controversial and politicized issue. Those in favor, such as Senator Cory Booker, Harvard economist Edward Glaeser, and Success Academy founder Eva Moskowitz, point to charter schools as a welcome alternative to the mismanagement of public schools. Many others, including both NYU Professor Diane Ravitch and former Philadelphia School Reform Commissioner, see charter schools as beneficial for few but detrimental to many others.


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