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    Professor Ticona Jul12  Inequality in the Gig Economy - Who is left out of the “Future of Work”? 1:00pm - 2:30pm
    Location: TBD

    Companies like Uber have garnered a lot of attention for their disruptive technology, but other gig economy companies, like those offering care and domestic cleaning services, have mostly stayed under the radar. This seminar will interrogate these gaps in attention, exploring historical changes in how different types of labor are valued, especially that of women and people of color, and the role of technology in shaping these changes. Professor Julia Ticona , Ph.D., will present new research that examines the similarities and differences in the ways technology is deployed to manage workers in different sectors of the gig economy, and the ways this shapes workers’ experiences.

  • Image: Voting key, symbolizing the growing connection between elections and technology. Source: N... June 15 ‘They think they are above the law’: the firms that own America’s voting system

    Professor Lorin Hitt’s PPI research into the voter technology market was cited in an article discussing the vulnerabilities and concerns that these businesses pose to American democracy. The article highlights the near monopoly holds that these organizations hold int the tightening marketplace and the barriers this places on transparency and oversight. 

  •  Despite years of devastating flooding and hurricanes, the number of Americans with flood insuran... June 15 Even as Floods Worsen With Climate Change, Fewer People Insure Against Disaster

    In the face of increasing disaster-related property damage, fewer people are still purchasing the necessary insurance policies. As such, Prof. Carolyn Kousky has advocated for policies that make it harder to drop the expenses in the first place. 

  • Investing in currency mutual or exchange-traded funds may sound tempting. After all, the foreign-... June 15 The Mistakes That Investors Make With Currency Funds

    In an article cautioning laypeople from investing in currency mutuals or exchange-traded funds, Professor Chris Geczy provides a qualified remark on how momentum trades and carry trades may be the only exception. 

  • As debt as a share of economic output has more than doubled over the past decade, some economists... June 14 Washington considers the pros and cons of its current growing deficit

    Economics and policy makers consider how much longer Washington can tolerate its growing deficit; White House expands health insurance options for small businesses; Left and centrist Democrats split on $15 minimum wage; US retail sales rose in May; U.S. industrial production rebounds in May. 

  • Penn Wharton PPI Faculty Affiliate, Professor Cary Coglianese June 9 These government offices in Philly won’t take cash, disregarding the city’s cashless ban

    In a discussion on Philadelphia’s recent cash-less policy ban, Professor Cary Coglianese said, “Concerns about equitable treatment — namely, ensuring access to services to all individuals, regardless of their economic status or access to banking services — should presumably apply even more strongly to the public’s interaction with their government.”