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  • August 26 Fracking, Safe Drinking Water, and the Disquieting Power of Legislative Loopholes

    During orientation at the Department of Justice’s Environment and Natural Resources Division, the summer law clerks and undergraduate interns were given a long list of names of environmental legislations to memorize. Given the size of that document, I experienced a naive and ephemeral moment of thinking that if every individual and organization followed these extensive legislations, perhaps energy extraction would not pose such a large risk to the environment and people’s health.

  • August 25 New Legal Framework For Cross Border Sales, PMI Rising In EU Despite Brexit

    House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) signaled Wednesday that he will introduce legislation to establish a new legal framework for cross-border sales; New orders for durable goods increased 4.4% in July to $228.9 billion, rising for a second consecutive month as demand for machinery and other capital goods were higher-than-expected; Initial jobless claims declined by 1,000 to 261,000 in the week ending August 20, as the number of Americans filing applications for unemployment benefits fell to the lowest level in five weeks; The closely-watched purchasing managers’ index (PMI) rose during August in the Eurozone, as business activity reached its highest level in seven months despite the British referendum vote. 

  • August 25 Losses For Hospitals Due To New Medicare Program

    The Beaufort Memorial Hospital is faced with an almost $950,000 loss in Medicare reimbursement money due to high readmission rates for patients. Why? The new Readmissions Reduction Program. 

    Faculty Affiliate Amanda Starc clarifies the intention of this program, its efficacy, and whats to come in the future. 

  • August 24 Cutting Back On Free Lunch Might Cost Us

    One of my responsibilities interning for a Congressman this summer is helping manage the mail received from constituents. Their concerns can range from comments about the government as a whole to detailed feelings about a singular piece of legislation. During my first few weeks, I worked to sort through the hundreds of pieces of mail we receive weekly, and in doing so, I repeatedly found myself seeing subject lines with the words “Oppose H.R. 5003.”

  • August 24 EPA Correlates Oil + Gas Activity With Earthquakes, Home Sales Falling

    The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) filed a report with the Texas Railroad Commission this month asserting correlation between oil and gas activity and earthquake volume; Existing home sales fell a sequential 3.2% in July and are 1.6% lower over the year-ago month due persistently low inventory levels; American Petroleum Institute-monitored crude oil inventories surged by 4.5 million barrels in the week ending August 19 as petroleum futures pared gains following positive trading on Tuesday.

  • August 23 Mutual Funds Can’t Run From The Fed

    Could the reactions of mutual-fund investors to Federal Reserve policy lead to turmoil in the bond market? “I certainly agree that the way the mutual-fund industry is organized it is susceptible to runs,” says Faculty Affiliate Itay Goldstein, whose opinions are supported by a new working paper on the topic.


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