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  • January 19 ASEAN In 2017: Can The Region Sidestep Trump’s Trade Threats?

    All of this, says Faculty Affiliate Mauro Guillen, Wharton Management professor and director of the school’s Lauder Institute, “generates uncertainty on two levels. One is American commitment to free trade, and the other is American commitment to the security of East Asia.”

  • January 19 How Trump Could Replace Obamacare Without Courting Disaster

    Could Republicans turn the ACA over to the states, cut taxes to compensate, or do some combination of the two?

    “I like the plan, I am for experimentation,” says Faculty Affiliate Ezekiel Emanuel, who helped design Obamacare, and is now chair of the Department of Medical Ethics and Health Policy at the University of Pennsylvania. “The problem you would have with it is the main commitments Republicans have made don’t get satisfied that way.”

  • January 19 Why Dodd-Frank Has Little to Fear From Constitutional Challenges

    “But court challenges to the separation of powers principles have repeatedly revealed themselves to be like the folk wisdom about March. They come in like a lion, purporting to hold powerful and well-established bureaucracies to be unconstitutional. But they go out like a lamb, leaving everything the way it was.”

    Faculty Affiliate David Zaring writes for the New York TImes on challenges to the Dodd-Frank regulation.

  • January 19 Trump’s Secretary of Treasury Undergoes Confirmation Hearing, US Jobless Claims Fall to 43-year Low

    Confirmation Hearing for Trump’s Secretary of Treasury Pick Steven Mnuchin To Address Important Policy Issues; U.S. jobless claims fall to near 43-year-low to 234,000 for week ended Jan. 14; Domestic housing starts total 1.226M in December.

  • January 18 Obama Administration Makes $500 Million Payment To UN Green Climate Fund, Industrial Production Surges

    The Obama administration made a second payment of $500 million to the United Nations Green Climate Fund (GCF) on Tuesday, despite broad Republican opposition; The Consumer Price Index (CPI) increased 0.3% sequentially in December as the all items index during 2016 was up 2.1%, consistent with market expectations; Industrial production expanded by 0.8% in December, the biggest increase since November 2014, as activity surged at utilities inched ahead yielding signs of steady but unremarkable economic growth.

  • January 17 American Apparel moves to Canada — where will its hoodies be made now?

    Just a decade ago, American Apparel was a darling of the apparel industry, rising from its roots as a small Montreal T-shirt importer to a Los Angeles-based “Made in the U.S.A.” clothing manufacturer and retail powerhouse. 

    The company returned to its Canadian roots when Montreal-based Gildan Activewear announced it had successfully bought American Apparel at auction for $88M.

    In light of Trump’s inauguration, Faculty Affiliate Mauro Guillen said Americans will have to wait to see how the next secretaries of the treasury, commerce and state departments, as well as GOP lawmakers, respond to Trump’s threats of hefty import taxes that have already set off alarm bells in import-dependent sectors, including apparel.


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