Student Opportunities

Student Clubs

Student interest in public policy drives a full range of student-run clubs, publications, and conferences at Penn and Wharton for undergraduate and graduate students.

Penn Democrats

Penn Democrats is a student-run political organization that promotes progressive political values through dialogue and action. Members participate in political campaigns at the municipal, state, and national levels: organize on-campus lectures and rallies; conduct voter registration drives; engage in debates; circulate petitions; and seek to stimulate discussion through issue-based activism. Although the club promotes progressive politics, it has great diversity of opinion among its members and welcomes all Penn students to its events, regardless of political affiliation. Visit site >>

Penn Model Congress

Penn Model Congress is an entirely student-run organization open to all undergraduates. Students meet semi-weekly to debate bills written by their peers that cover a variety of contemporary political issues. In addition, the club sponsors panels, guest speakers, and field trips in order to enhance participants’ understanding of the US government, particularly the Congress and legislative process. Penn Model Congress’ yearly schedule culminates in the spring, with a high-school conference where 700 delegates from across the nation convene at Penn to debate their own legislation in simulation of the US Congress. Members act as committee chairs to facilitate debate and oversee the conference. In addition, members may choose to be part of the conference staff to have a more active role in the planning and administrating of the conference throughout the year. Visit site >>

Penn Political Review

Penn Political Review is the University’s only student-run political magazine. PPR’s founding principle is that every student has something to say about the political and social institutions around him or her, and they should have a chance to express those opinions to the entire Penn student body. PPR prints quarterly and the organization’s website is updated regularly via the Soapbox Blog and full online articles. In addition, PPR hosts and co-sponsors many events throughout the year. Visit site >>

Penn Republicans

The Penn College Republicans strive to promote conservative values and ideals, and to create a strong community of conservative leaders at Penn. Members are engaged in political campaigning and are active on campus by participating in debates, organizing lectures and speaker events, and contributing to the organization’s blog. Visit site >>

Student Sustainability Association at Penn

As the official student sustainability umbrella group at Penn, SSAP was founded in 2010 to foster cohesion among environmentally focused student groups, develop strategies for impacting campus sustainability, and to create a unified student voice on green issues at the University. As the student environmental community has grown immensely since the 2009 launch of Penn’s Climate Action Plan, SSAP helps to foster increased collaboration among the 20+ student environmental groups on campus and between students, staff, and faculty working on environmental issues. Visit site >>

Wharton Energy Club

WEC is the hub for energy interest at Wharton and aims to establish Wharton as a thought leader in the sector. Through its activities, the club offers insight into merchant energy, renewable energy, utilities, and traditional oil and gas companies, as well as the intersection of energy with the financial sector. WEC’s goal is to utilize the knowledge and efforts of today’s energy leaders to foster the energy executives, entrepreneurs, and policymakers of tomorrow. Visit site >>

Wharton Healthcare Alumni Association

The Wharton Healthcare Alumni Association has been in existence as a club for over 30 years and currently has over 400 active members. These members span the healthcare field, from CEOs of large medical centers, to healthcare policy makers in government, to managers of early stage medical device companies. The Association is active nationally as well as locally with clubs in the Boston, NY, NJ, Philadelphia, and Northern and Southern California regions. Visit site >>

Wharton Politics & Business Association

Recognizing the importance of possessing a thorough understanding of economic and political policy to succeed in the business world, WPBA provides students with a forum to learn about and deliberate political and business issues. Through its events, WPBA fosters open dialogue with political and business leaders, offers a platform to voice creative solutions for domestic and international political and business problems, and provides information about careers in public policy. Visit site >>

Wharton Politics & Public Policy Club

The Wharton Politics & Public Policy Club is a non-partisan professional and social club that provides a forum in which students can learn about and discuss current political events, policy issues and ideas. The club is open to students of any political affiliation or interest level, and focuses primarily (though not exclusively) on politics and policy in the United States. Visit site >>

Wharton Undergraduate Healthcare Club

WUHC helps prepare students for careers that straddle health care and management. Every year, it organizes a speaker series that focuses not only on pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, consulting, banking, and medicine, but on public health and policy. Visit site >>