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  • Image previewNovember 21Fed Responds to “Lax Oversight” Accusations; President Unveils Deferred Deportation Plan

    Fed to Review Banking Oversight Policies; President Unveils Plan to Defer Deportation of 3.7M Undocumented Immigrants; PBOC Cuts Benchmark Rate for First Time in Two Years

  • Image previewNovember 20Leapfrog or Backfire? Wharton Economist on the Rebound Effect in Developing Economies

    Today, considerable debate is dedicated to the idea that developing countries will “leapfrog” to more efficient technologies that didn’t exist when rich countries were at similar stages of development. The magnitude of leapfrogging, energy experts argue, has important implications for future energy consumption and the climate. While some suggest that considerable leapfrogging will enable lower energy consumption in places like China, an analysis from Arthur Van Benthem of The Wharton School found that developing countries actually exhibit more energy-intensive growth than developed countries did at the same GDP levels. More income for energy-intensive products and outsourcing are two possible explanations for why this occurred.

  • Image previewNovember 20Immigration Action Imminent; CPI and Other Economic Data

    President to Announce Executive Action on Immigration; CPI Flat in October; New Jobless Claims, Manufacturing, and Home Sales Data

  • Image previewNovember 19Keystone & NSA Bills Fail; Housing Starts Fall

    Keystone XL Pipeline and NSA Data Program Reform Bills Fail in Senate; Housing Starts Down 2.8% in October

  • Image previewNovember 10With court’s approval, Detroit emerges from bankruptcy

    Detroit emerged from bankruptcy last week, but set little legal precedent in the process, says Faculty Affiliate Olivia Mitchell. What happened however, is likely to stick around for a while, and the impact of procedings will be significant.

  • Image previewNovember 4Video - The Economics of America’s Energy Future

    Jason Furman, Chairman of the President’s Council of Economic Advisers, from the Executive Office of the President of the United States, spoke on campus this fall. He shared details about President Obama’s clean power plan in the context of the overall energy landscape. The event was co-sponsored by the Initiative for Global Environmental Leadership at Wharton.


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