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  • Image previewOctober 23Europe v China: Whose economic woes pain America more?

    Marketplace consults Interim Faculty Director Kent Smetters on the effects of global downturn on the American economy. “If I was picking, I’d be picking Europe,” says Professor Smetters.

  • Image previewOctober 23Mortgage Lending; Social Security Increase

    Fed, SEC & HUD Approve Relaxed Mortgage Lending Rules; SSA Announces 2015 COLA; Jobless Claims Rise

  • Image previewOctober 22Improving Choice, Competition in Year 2 of ACA Exchanges

    Several PPI Faculty Affiliates and other healthcare industry experts convened a conference with panels discussing some of the biggest issues facing the Affordable Care Act today and how they will be best addressed.

  • Image previewOctober 20How terror-proof is your economy?

    Scientists can help to develop a financial safety net by providing transparent market data and loss-impact analysis, says Faculty Affiliate Professor Erwann Michel-Kerjan.

  • Image previewOctober 20Real-time payments: a near-future reality?

    Consumers, small and medium businesses, and corporations are becoming more and more impatient thanks to the digital and mobile revolutions. Despite this, our nation’s payment systems are either very slow, or costly: paying via check takes one to three days but is “cheap”, while making a wire transfer is practically instantaneous but is expensive. Why is it that we write checks to pay for our rent when, for over 20 years, we’ve been sending e-mails that reach their destination instantaneously?

  • Image previewOctober 17Positive Housing Starts and Consumer Sentiment Data

    Housing Starts up 6.3% in September; Consumer Sentiment Index at 86.4 in October


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